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We provide the nation with high quality safety gloves, PPE, hi vis clothing, safety footwear and more. Browse our website and discover our great deals and online prices. Ever since 1998, we have been providing many industries with safety workwear. We believe in quality and value. Therefore we strive to make the nation safer with our safety workwear and other products. If you would like to keep up to date with the latest news and offers, you can join our newsletter or visit our blog

Taeki5 is a high performance composite fibre engineered from core material produced in Germany and introduced in South Africa exclusively by Dromex with Hand, Arm and Body protection in mind. All Taeki5 gloves are Heat Resistant level 5 & have a high Cut Resistance level 5.

Selected examples of our range of safety gloves below. Enquire below for your specific needs. 

 Hand Protective Gear

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